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Do you have a question about WedTool? In this section, we try to answer all doubts or concerns you may have. However, if you don't find and answer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

General questions

  • 1 What is WedTool?
    WedTool is a web application that allows you to plan and organize your wedding. Its fun, easy and can be used anywhere- all you need is a computer with access to the Internet.
    Once you register with WedTool, you will be ready to plan your wedding! You will be able to keep track of guests, invitations, seat planning, budget and your wedding website all from WedTool!
  • 2 Do I have to pay to use WedTool?
    Currently, registering in WedTool is absolutely free and you start with the 'Basic' account. Optionally, you can update your 'Basic' account to an advanced account with payment features.

Questions about registering, logging in, and forgotten passwords, etc...

  • 3 What information is needed before getting started? Why is this information needed?
    Once you have completed the registering process, you will have to fill out information prior to your first login. We will need the following information::
    1.- The wedding date
    First, you will need to set your wedding date. Do not worry; you will be able to change it later if the date changes. Once we know the date, we will be able to plan wedding arrangements and create your Task Calendar.
    2.- Your fiancé's/fiancée's email
    Enter your partner's email so you both can share the information and dates on WedTool. This email should be the one your partner registered with or will register with. On WedTool, both partners have an account and once both partners are registered, they may join together to plan the same wedding and manage the same data. Ultimately, the couple registers separately and once they link together on WedTool, they can plan their wedding together.
    3.- The name of your wedding website
    Although wedding websites are built through www.wedtool.com, every site must have an identifier that you must name. This should be a name that identifies you as a couple. For example, identifiers could be, tomandmary, josephandkatherine, or andrewandsusan. Besides being a unique identifier, no other wedding on WedTool will be allowed to use the identifier you create. In addition, this identifier will determine the full address of your wedding site. For example, the identifier, tomandmary, would have a web address, http://www.wedtool.com/tomandmary. This way, your friends and family will be able to see and enjoy your wedding website and will know that WedTool helped you create it and plan your special day!.
  • 4 I forgot my username and password. What can I do?
    If you provided WedTool with a valid e-mail address when registering, then there will be no problems. When at the ?Login Users' page, you can click on the link ?Forgot My Password' that is located at the bottom of the login page. Enter your e-mail address and we will send you a new password right away.

What about Security?

  • 5 Is WedTool safe?
    Periodically, all the data on WedTool is backed up and can be restored if necessary. If you make a payment to WedTool, it will be done directly with your bank, therefore we will not have access to or save your credit card information.


  • 6 . What does my system need in order to run WedTool?
    The minimum requirements are that you have Microsoft Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X or Linux with a CPU of 1GHz or higher, and at least 512 MB of Ram. You also need an internet browser; Internet Explorer v. 6.0 or higher, Firefox 2.0 or higher, or Safari 2 or higher.
  • 7 Why did I need to download Flash 9 in order to run WedTool?
    WedTool itself does not need downloading. It runs directly from your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). However, you will need to have Flash 9 installed to use all the WedTool functions. If you have a wrong version of Flash Player, WedTool automatically will guide you to get updated quickly.

Other problems

Cancellation of your WedTool account